JT Capco Sta Ana Pateros street named after former Mayor Jose Tulad Capco

November 7, 2018 is a momentous day for the people of Pateros as the Jose T. Capco Street in Barangay Sta. Ana is inaugurated and opened to the public.

In honor of the late Jose “Pepe” T. Capco, Jr., former Mayor of Pateros, this street JT. Capco in Sta Ana was named after him. From the vision of Pateros Beyond 2000 to Isang Pateros, this project remains to be “by the people of Pateros, for the people of Pateros”

After more than two decades of waiting and hoping for this project to be realized, the newly opened street will serve its purpose to ease out traffic and provide access to residents in and out of the villages in Sta. Ana.

We extend our gratitude to everyone, who from the planning stage to its execution has participated and gave their efforts for this project.


Photo credits: Giancarlo Capco, Joven Gatpayat, Gerald German, Bojic Raymundo

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First Industrial Solar Street Lights and other Solar Lights installed in Pateros to make it a Solar City

When it comes to Advancing and Transforming Pateros to become a Solar City, the Calriger SolarRev Generator System owned by Mr.Giancarlo Capco brings industrial SolarRev Generator and solar street lights technologies for this small town with a big heart and great developers.

The SolarRev Generator Invention made in Pateros by Mr.Giancarlo Capco

The lead developer for the SolarRev Generators and the Pateros Solar Powered Facility is Mr.Giancarlo Capco, he is known for his invention the SolarRev Generator which originated in the event the Search for the Best Entrepreneurship Student of the Philippines which was won by Mr.Capco and also the International Business Plan Competition of the World held in Harvard Business School USA which Mr.Capco was the head representative of the Philippines together with his solar ready Sanitary Aqua Vendo Unit Invention.

We have no doubt that Mr.Capco’s technologies can compete in the industrial arena because of its formulation foundation which was rooted in his serial entrepreneurship awards during the first stage of his business career- Pateros News TV

Recently, Mr.Capco together with his Calriger And Capco Business Development Group the SolarRev Contractors did a Historical installation of Industrial Solar Street Light also known as the SolarRev TerraLite with heavy duty steel post in Pateros Metro Manila, also known as the Solar Town of the Philippines because of various solar projects in the area of Pateros.

This is the day where these industrial solar lights will give bright light to the people of Pateros passing by our Solar Powered Facility in the M.Almeda Street for their safety and convinience.

After our various projects around the Philippines, we want to give our technologies by sharing them to the Pateros community thru our free lectures about the SolarRev Generator setup, anyone is welcome to visit our Solar Powered Facility to learn about it or invite us to share what we know to your community.

Our next project which we are already starting now will be a powerful Ebike Solar Charging Stations for Ebike Users in Pateros. With this project, we can help Etricycle users to lower their electric charging bill possibly by half or even none at all if they will allow us to setup their own Ebike Solar Charging Station in their homes, said Mr.Capco

We support Pateros to become a brownout free town and we already know that this is now the first Solar City in the Philippines for its advancement in solar projects and for its transformation as a Green City with Good Renewable Energy Technologies, said Mr.Capco

The Solar Powered Facility Pateros Contracting Group is composed of Calriger Tech http://www.facebook.com/calriger, SolarRev Generator contractor group http://www.facebook.com/solarrevgenerator, the Capco Business Development Center http://www.capcolaw.com and the Terralite Team of Terranutra http://www.terranutra.com

More development news in Pateros Solar City at http://www.pateroscity.net

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Pateros Solar Projects Making it a Solar City

Various solar projects emerged in the small town of Pateros Metro Manila and the efforts of its town people and its government are making Pateros to be know as a green Solar City.


The Town Pateros is know for its Balut but now its making a new name as a Solar City/Solar Town.

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Solar EVehicle ChargingCore Power Station Business by Motolite Pateros

EVehicle Solar Charging Station Business or Setup Shared by Motolite Pateros: Investments in an Electric Vehicle Solar Charging Station are in two parts first its better to apply for motolite dealership or as distributor para makakuha ng discounted batteries. 2nd part of investment is the solar power setup at Php 120,000 more or less para free ang power na ipang chacharge mo sa mga batteries ng mga Evehicle. Two business, motolite battery sale, 2nd is solar charging station. Pwede naman na solar setup charging station lang if walang funds for motolite business.

The ChargingCore new system design is a project in partnership with barangay and mga Toda na makakareceive ng mga electric tricycle sa Department of Energy pero that project can also be setup sa bahay for personal use at php 50,000 personal EVehicle SolarRev ChargingCore Power Station.

Bakit ok magkaroon ng EVehicle Solar Charging Station? Kasi ang gagamitin mo na pang charge ng mga battery ng mga EVehicle ay mangagaling sa araw na ipapasa ng solar panel sa battery bank papuntang inverter tapos papunta sa Evehicle. Sa ganitong kalse ng charging mas mababa ang cost ng charging kasi maintenance lang ng Solar Charging Facility and cost mo at walang monthly fee kasi di ka gumagamit ng kuryente na provided ng grid power o Meralco kung sa Maynila ka base. Ibig sabihin walang fee and operation charges sa battery charging businesa pag gamit mo as solar charging station, ibig sabihin lahat ng kita sa charging gamit ang solar charging station power ay purong kita na.

Mag invest na sa pag gawa ng EVehicle SolarRev ChargingCore Power Station at makaranas ng magandang kabuhayan at 24/7 availability na provided ng solar panels and solar battery bank. Credit to http://www.facebook.com/solarrevgenerator

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SolarRev Generator Made in Pateros Philippines by Capco

SolarRev Gen S1 Intelligent DesignMADE IN Pateros PHILIPPINES SOLARREV GEN S1
Like and Share SOLARREV GEN FB Pagewww.facebook.com/solarrevgenerator

SolarRev in your hands



PHONE – 3 to 4 Times
TABLET- 2 Times
LAPTOP- 1 Time

AC Charger (30W): 4 hours
Car Connector Charger (30W): 4 hours
CALRIGER 20 WATTS Solar Panel: 10-15 Hours
CALRIGER 100 WATTS Solar Panel: 2-3Hours

SolarRev Gen S1

SolarRev Gen S1 capabilities

Price Comparison with Industry Players

Solar Gen Price Comparison

Like and Share SOLARREV GEN FB Pagewww.facebook.com/solarrevgenerator


Other Products and Services of CALRIGER SOLARREV GENERATORS and Solar Products

Cobra Solar Street Light Setup for onlineFloodlight Solar Street Light Setup for online

You can visit their warehouse at Calriger SolarRev Solar Powered Facility Motolite M. Almeda Pateros Metro Manila Philippines

Calriger SolarRev Address SPF Pateros


Pateros News TV

Advertise Your Business With Us for as Low as Php 500 per year! www.pateroscity.net

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Learn about Bidding Specifications

Notes on Specifications
A set of precise and clear specifications is a prerequisite for Bidders to respond realistically and competitively to the requirements of the Procuring Entity without qualifying or conditioning their Bids. In the context of international competitive bidding, the specifications must be drafted to permit the widest possible competition and, at the same time, present a clear statement of the required standards of workmanship, materials, and performance of the goods and services to be procured. Only if this is done will the objectives of economy, efficiency, and fairness in procurement be realized, responsiveness of Bids be ensured, and the subsequent task of bid evaluation facilitated. The specifications should require that all goods and materials to be incorporated in the Works be new, unused, of the most recent or current models, and incorporate all recent
improvements in design and materials unless provided otherwise in the Contract.
Samples of specifications from previous similar projects are useful in this respect. The use of metric units is mandatory. Most specifications are normally written specially by the Procuring Entity or its representative to suit the Works at hand. There is no standard set of Specifications for universal application in all sectors in all regions, but there are
established principles and practices, which are reflected in these PBDs.


There are considerable advantages in standardizing General Specifications for repetitive
Works in recognized public sectors, such as highways, ports, railways, urban housing,
irrigation, and water supply, in the same country or region where similar conditions
prevail. The General Specifications should cover all classes of workmanship, materials,
and equipment commonly involved in construction, although not necessarily to be used in a particular Works Contract. Deletions or addenda should then adapt the General
Specifications to the particular Works.
88 Care must be taken in drafting specifications to ensure that they are not restrictive. In the specification of standards for goods, materials, and workmanship, recognized international standards should be used as much as possible. Where other particular standards are used, whether national standards or other standards, the specifications should state that goods, materials, and workmanship that meet other authoritative standards, and which ensure substantially equal or higher quality than the standards mentioned, will also be acceptable. The following clause may be inserted in the SCC.
Sample Clause: Equivalency of Standards and Codes Wherever reference is made in the Contract to specific standards and codes to be met by the goods and materials to be furnished, and work performed or tested, the provisions of the latest current edition or revision of the relevant standards and codes in effect shall apply, unless otherwise expressly stated in the Contract. Where such standards and codes are national, or relate to a particular country or region, other authoritative standards that ensure a substantially equal or higher quality than the standards and codes specified will be
accepted subject to the Procuring Entity’s Representative’s prior review and written
consent. Differences between the standards specified and the proposed alternative
standards shall be fully described in writing by the Contractor and submitted to the
Procuring Entity’s Representative at least twenty eight (28) days prior to the date when the Contractor desires the Procuring Entity’s Representative’s consent. In the event the
Procuring Entity’s Representative determines that such proposed deviations do not ensure substantially equal or higher quality, the Contractor shall comply with the standards specified in the documents.

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These notes are intended only as information for the PRO Procuring Entity or the person
drafting the Bidding Documents. They should not be included in the final Bidding

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This SolarRev Generator Made in Pateros Philippines will hit the Market on 2018

CALRIGER SolarRev Generator the first Filipino Made Tactical Portable Solar Generator for Filipinos will hit the Philippine market on 2018.

This made in Pateros technology will contribute in solving lack of electricity problems in many places in the Philippines. Calriger CEO, GCaps Giancarlo Capco together with Global Advocacies Missions will give free SolarRev Generator setup trainings to offgrid sites and communities in the Philippines  to help them become independent with their electric power sources which are clean and renewable. G Capco wants to empower the filipino people to use their creativity and skills in developing products that will benefit the Philippines and bring the country to the global market. http://www.facebook.com/calrigerSolarRev Generator was invented by Pateros Citizen Giancarlo Capco ti help their people solve energy crisis in their communities

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